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Just occasionally you come across something – a book or a film – that has you enthusiastically recommending to friends and saying to yourself, ‘I’ve really got to find a way to tell people about this!’ Jesus the Game Changer, a series of ten half-hour-long videos by the Australian Olive Tree Media, is one of those.

It’s an impeccably produced series of interviews with various different authorities from around the world documenting the impact that Christianity has made on Western society. The big theme is that all that we value in modern Western culture (which of course is no longer exclusively Western), including such things as equality, freedom and democracy, come out of the Christian faith. The speakers are authoritative and communicate well; they are persuasive without being preachy, and neither dumbed down nor pompously academic. I can guarantee that even if you consider yourself well read in Christianity and history you will frequently find yourself struck by some new point or insightful idea. There’s a good summary video which gives you some idea of the aims of the series and the production values at. Jesus the Game Changer is available to buy and there are apps and all sorts of supporting resources available from Olive Tree Media.

It would be easy to describe this resource as evangelistic or pre-evangelistic. It’s certainly that but it’s also more. It is an extraordinary and timely reminder of something that is increasingly widely overlooked: the values of our modern world that are universally upheld have not arisen by accident but are the fruit of the transforming power of the good news of Jesus. In doing so, this resource makes the point – essential in an age when religion of any sort is scorned – that Christianity is incredibly valuable. And although more implied than proclaimed, these videos carry a warning: suppress Christianity and don’t be surprised if its values and principles vanish.

Yet it is as an evangelistic or pre-evangelistic resource that Jesus the Game Changer really excels. Its great strength is that it builds on precisely those values that our friends, neighbours and colleagues care for, and from them moves nearer to Christ. Alpha and Christianity Explored are wonderful resources for leading people who are interested in exploring Christianity to faith. The problem is that increasingly most people are even further back; they have little interest in exploring Christianity because they consider it irrelevant. By presenting a compelling case for seriously looking at the faith, Jesus the Game Changer alters that.

Do investigate this extraordinary resource. It’s definitely worth having and showing wherever you have an opportunity: in churches, Christian Unions, workplace lunch hours or simply watching at home. This is exactly the sort of fresh, imaginative approach that evangelism needs. Please get it and use it!


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