Some people think that losing the influence of the Ten Commandments in our society is a good thing. We have now had an entire generation who have indeed been set free from the influence of the Ten Commandments. So how do things look?

Some may suggest that modern culture is changing so fast that such commands are obsolete. The fact is that for all of our advances in technology and knowledge, human beings remain stubbornly the same. All our ancient literature, biblical or otherwise, shows that in terms of ethics, humans have not changed in the slightest in four thousand years. We share the same vices with our ancestors. And we need the same rules.

Three and a half thousand years have passed since the Ten Commandments were written and despite their origins in a nomadic culture so long ago, very few qualifications or concessions need to be made today. There is an extraordinary clarity and timelessness to these words; it requires no great mental acrobatics to believe they are indeed God-given, universal values and instructions for all people and all time.

The Ten Commandments are not obsolete but they are absolute.




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Each commandment is given a contemporary title that expresses the heart of each commandment in a positive way.

Each commandment is then unpacked, considering the issue that it addresses, looking at the heart of the problem and then presenting a series of suggestions on how we can help keep the commandment in the twenty-first century.

You may have a pre-conceived idea that the Ten Commandments are rules provided to restrict our enjoyment or crush our liberties but just10 is here to liberate us from those conceptions and show us how these commands can be embraced to allow us life to the full.

just10 provides a fruitful and transforming, evangelistic resource, unique in its relevance not only to Christians but also to those who are yet to come to Christ.




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